Answers to frequently asked questions


My son does not practice football in any team. Can he participate?

The Inter Summer Camp is open to all standards. The technical staff will follow the boy taking into account his football skills.

how old must the kids be to participate in the summer camp?

The Inter Summer Camp is reserved for children aged between 8 and 17.

Day Camp – Summer camp in the city are reserved for children from 6 to 14 years.

Football Holiday in Great Britain is open to children from 12 to 17 years.

My son plays soccer in the role of goalkeeper. Are specific training planned?

Yes, the goalkeeper coaches of the Inter youth team will be present and your son can perform a specific training


How long are registrations open?

Registration is open until the maximum number of participants has been reached.

Does registration require a deposit?

The deposit is required for residential camps in Italy and for the College in UK. The deposit must be paid by bank transfer or credit card, as indicated in the registration phase, and in any case must be made within 7 days of the online booking.

Please note that the final payment must be paid only with bank transfer. if you will not be able to pay with bank transfer, would be better to pay in one solution at time of reservation with credit card.

If I pay by credit card will I have additional costs?

In the case of online registration, the VISA/Mastercard fee for payment by credit card will be equal to 2% of the transaction amount. At the time of purchase you will find the exact amount of the commission.

Documents required

What documents are needed to make registration effective?

Within 7 days of booking online we need to receive payment of the fee due. At the same time as booking online, you will receive a reply from us by email with all the necessary information to finalize the registration.

If you have not received such email, Please contact us at the call center on + 39 02 87253332.

Documents to bring to the Camp:

  • Photocopy of the non-competitive or competitive sports certificate
  • Self-certification attesting to the absence of infectious diseases (which you can download within a link that will be provided to you as soon as you make your online booking).

In the absence of the required medical certificate, the participant may not engage in any sporting activity.

Do old members have to send and bring all the required documents?


At the summer camp

If my son participates for two weeks, will the clothing kits be two?

No, for the kids who participate for two weeks will receive only one clothing kit.

Will my son be able to take home the kit he receives?

Of course, the kit is included in the registration fee.

My son wears eyeglasses, can he participate in the training sessions wearing them?

In case your child wears glasses even during field activities, it must be equipped with special protective glasses with a celluloid frame and with unbreakable lenses graduated in polycarbonate. We have imposed this rule for the well-being of all our members: the use of glasses not suitable for sports activities is indeed dangerous not only for those who wear them, but also for all the other participants.

My son needs to follow special diets for health reasons, is it possible?

Of course, just indicate in the special space provided in the registration form what are the needs of the boy. Our experts will develop a custom menu.

Should I tell you if my son have to take medication?

Yes, you must indicate on the health card, which you will find within a link that will be provided to you as soon as you make your online booking, that the boy is following care. We will contact you if necessary to get the details and update the medical staff available to the Camp that will take care of your child.

What should I do if my son is celiac?

The kitchens and the Inter Summer Camp Team are organized to manage this particular food need. If your child wants to eat food of a certain brand you have to bring the food to the camp. Otherwise, we will provide all the necessary food.

Will there be a doctor at Camp and/or during training?

Yes, all training sessions will be performed only and exclusively in the presence of the doctor who will be staying at the facility and who will be present 24 hours a day. The Doctor will be equipped with a defibrillator.

Italy residential camp


What do I have to do to talk to my son?

You can contact the children at the direct numbers that will be communicated by the Secretariat upon arrival at the Camp, at the following times:

  • 12.45 – 13:45
  • 19:30 – 20:30

Will my son be available on his mobile phone?

Children can use their mobile phone only inside the bedrooms.

Necessary equipment and clothing kit

What do I have to put in my son’s suitcase to leave for Summer Camp?

It is recommended to put in the suitcase the following items:

  • 2 pairs of football shoes (no iron cleats);
  • shin pads;
  • sneakers;
  • underwear needed during the period spent at the Inter Summer Camp;
  • a bathrobe;
  • a pair of slippers;
  • a bathing suit;
  • jacket (for all residential camps).

Special needs

My son will attend the summer camp with a group of friends. Can they share a room?

Yes, simply indicate on the registration form (included in the email we will send you after the registration online) the names of the children with whom your child wishes to be put in the room. The Inter Summer Camp Staff will provide the appropriate accommodation.


What time are arrivals and departures scheduled for Inter Summer Camp?

Arrivals are scheduled from 11:00 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 15:30 on Sunday (unless otherwise announced within 7 days of departure). The children will be taken in charge by our Staff from 14.00 on Sunday. Departures will be on Saturday after the awards ceremony and by 12:00.

Are the kids being watched all day?

The Inter Summer Camp Staff is with the kids 24 hours a day.

Are the kids guarded at night?

Yes, during the night there are always persons who cares and will be available to the children over the night.

Is it possible to visit the accomodation on the day of arrival?

Yes, parents can visit the entire hotel and helping their children to arrange all their clothes.

My son will stay at the Camp for two weeks: will he always be guarded even when he is passing from one week to the next?

Of course, the Inter Summer Camp never closes and some of the staff are dedicated, starting from the lunch on Saturday, to the entertainment of the kids who stop for two weeks.

Residential camp in England

The journey

Where will be the departure for the trip?

Plane trips with departures from Milan and Rome are planned. In the weeks prior to departure, families will receive information on the planned travel arrangements, including time and collection point.

Which document is needed for the trip?

To take part in the holiday in Horsham-London you will need a valid expatriate identity card or a passport.

What does the participation fee include?

The participation fee includes: travel by plane, transfer by coach to/from the airport to/from the College, stay at Christ’s Hospital College with full board service, language course with native speakers, the 2 trips to London and 1 to Brighton, the 24-hour assistance of our qualified staff, the presence of the Italian doctor present in the structure that will leave with the boys, training and other sports activities, insurance.

Is there any insurance for participants?

Of course, each participant is covered by accident and liability insurance.

What will be needed for health care?

It is necessary to bring a photocopy of the health card which is required to obtain free medical and health services in Great Britain. At the College there is an Italian doctor who will assist children 24 hours a day, even during trips.

How much money is it advisable to give the kids for their personal expenses?

Since the fee already includes everything indicated in the program, it is recommended to give the kids 100-150 pounds for personal expenses.

Is it possible to take valuables with you?

It is possible, however the organization will not be held responsible in case of theft, loss, forgetfulness or damage of valuables for personal neglect or accidental causes. Upon arrival, the children can hand over their personal belongings to our Director for safekeeping during the holiday and return them at the time of departure.

During the camp

Where are the kids staying?

The children will be accommodated in the House (residences) of the College in rooms with bathroom and shower on the floor (1 bathroom and one shower every 2-3 people).

Will the participants be alone during the stay?

Our Italian staff will be at the side of the kids 24 hours a day.

What should the participants bring?

The College provides bed linen and bath linen. It is recommended to pack:

  • 2 pairs of football shoes (no iron cleats);
  • shin pads;
  • sneakers;
  • underwear needed during the period spent at the ISC;
  • a bathrobe;
  • a pair of slippers;
  • a bathing suit; (for all residential camps)
  • 1 k-way.
  • 2 pajamas,
  • 1 shower/bath towel,
  • 1 face towel,
  • 1 linen bag,
  • 4 leisure t-shirts,
  • 4 pairs of socks.

It will be possible to wash clothes at the College laundry (with the help of our staff). Upon arrival at the airport, children will be provided with the Inter clothing kit

Will it be possible to communicate with our children?

Of course, inside the College there is free Wi-Fi, as well as a computer room with free internet.

In addition, all parents will be given the number of our Italian Director at the College who will be available 24 hours a day for any emergency.

What does the language course include?

The students will take an entry test and will be divided into classes of maximum 15 participants according to their level of knowledge of the English language and the classes will also be formed by students of different nationalities.

At the end of the course will be issued a certificate of attendance recognized and valid as school credit.

How will English lessons alternate with training?

During the first week the students will follow the lessons in the morning or in the afternoon and will train in the remaining half day. During the second week instead the times will be reversed. In any case the boys will train for at least 3 hours a day.

Italy day camp


What are the Day Camp times?

Each Day Camp has different times that will be communicated to families before the start of the Camp. The meeting will however be for all the Camp between 8:00 and 9:00 and the withdrawal of the participant must be made between 17:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday, unless otherwise communicated by the Camp secretariat.

When will the clothing kit be distributed?

The kit will be distributed on the morning of the first day.

Who can come to pick up the participant at the end of the workouts?

Parents exercising parental responsibility are the only ones legally entitled to collect minor children after training. Parents may delegate someone providing a signed declaration and a copy of their identity document.

No delegation document is required for arrival at the camp.